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Water Testing and Balance

It is important to test your spa’s water at least 3 times per week. Please use the proper testing method for your chosen sanitizer system. pH level and sanitization level are very important and should be monitored closely.

  • pH that is too low can cause corrosive damage to pipes, filters, pumps, o’rings, and other equipment, and a high pH level will reduce the effectiveness of sanitizers and encourage the growth of bacteria and algae.
  • Spa water pH should be maintained between 7.2 and 7.6 with an ideal of 7.4 ppm.
  • Sanitization is the process of destroying organisms that are harmful to people. Chlorine and bromine are commonly used as sanitizers in spa water.
  • Use test strips or a test kit to check and maintain the correct level. High water temperatures, aeration, and high bather loads will increase the sanitizer demand. If you do not get a sanitizer reading on your test strip, the water probably does not have enough sanitizer present to color the test strip indicator. If you are using chlorine, simply add the required amount for your tub and retest in 20 minutes until the desired level is attained. If bromine is used and you get no reading on the test strip, add the required amount for your tub and retest in 20 minutes until the desired level is attained to establish a bromide reserve.

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  1. These are great simple tips that anyone can do to for spa maintenance. It is easy to get lost in all the preparations that the simple and important steps are often neglected. pH is really important as it can help preserve the quality of the spa and help keep it running smoothly. Never ever neglect to properly test the pH, and always follow the instructions in your test kit for an accurate reading.

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