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  • Read labels carefully before using chemicals.
  • Store chemicals according to label directions and keep all chemicals out of reach of children.
  • Store spa chemicals away from chemicals used for any other purpose. Keep dry spa chemicals separated from liquid spa chemicals.
  • Always add chemicals to water to dilute. Never add water to chemicals.
  • Do not mix chemicals with each other before adding to the water. Add chemicals to the spa water separately and allow several minutes between additions. Use the pump, jets, and filter to help dissolve chemicals.
  • Do not smoke around chemicals. Avoid direct skin contact with chemicals.
  • Use only clean utensils to handle chemicals and use a separate utensil for each chemical.
  • Liquid chemicals may be added directly to the spa water by pouring slowly just above the spa water level to avoid splashing.
  • Dry chemicals should be dissolved and diluted before adding to the water. To dissolve dry chemicals, dip a clean plastic bucket of water out of the hot tub and add the proper amount of dry chemical to the water in the bucket. Mix well until completely dissolved, and then lower the bucket back into the spa.
  • Allow at least 30 minutes for all chemicals to dissolve and disperse and then retest your spa water before using.

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