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Pool and Spa Products

Kids playing in poolWe know that water chemistry is an important part of pool or spa maintenance. Our computerized water testing center and trained staff are here for your water balance needs. That’s why we’ve made buying chemicals at Fieldstone Pools & Spas easy with our selection of everything you need to care for your system. Sanitizers, chlorine, shock treatments, and more are all kept in stock for your convenience at our Oconomowoc location.

We feature Poolife®, Baquacil®, Brilliance®, Nature 2®, and Frog® products. We will be happy to make recommendations or help in any way we can with your water chemistry.

Frog System

The Frog Pool Water Purifying System works wonders using unique, patented ionic catalyst technology to provide clean, clear, and safe water. As water passes through the mineral system of the Frog, bacteria is killed and eliminated, helping purify the water. The system’s basic cartridge lasts for six months.

Unlike other chlorine-based systems, Frog allows you to use less chlorine, thus it does not have the harshness of traditional chlorine chemicals. Frog is also gentle on the skin, eyes, and hair.

Nature 2 System

The Natural Water Purifier is a natural alternative to chlorine. While chlorine is still used in the pool, it is cut back by 50% to 80% from normal chlorine-treated pools. Its patented mineral process traps bacteria and algae, helping to keep the pool cleaner and safer. Unlike chlorine that can bleach your swim suits, this system stops such bleaching and damage. Once you swim in a Nature 2 pool, you’ll never want to swim in chemically treated water ever again!


The Baquacil pool care system fights against bacteria and algae, but it does not have the harsh effects of chlorine. Baquacil products don’t cause eye irritation, bleaching, or the drying of hair. Baquacil also doesn’t have the normal smelly effects of chlorine-treated pools.

Brilliance for Spas

Brilliance is a bromine-based spa care system. Unlike other bromine-based spa care systems, Brilliance is completely chlorine-free, so there is less odor and less irritation to your eyes and skin. Brilliance is also easy on your spa and it is a three-step system that is effective and easy to use.


Poolife is a chlorine-based chemical line that simplifies maintenance for pool owners. It provides an simple three-step system that is easy to follow and maintain once pools are fully balanced.

For more information on any of these products, please contact our experts today!